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Breast Reduction in West Hills, CA

What is a Breast Reduction?

Women with abnormally large and heavy breasts tend to experience back, neck, and shoulder pain. Some may struggle with self-esteem issues or find that they draw unwanted attention with the way their body is built. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Brian Hwang in West Hills, CA has helped countless women improve their quality of life through breast reduction surgery. This aesthetic surgery reduces excess breast tissue and skin to reshape the breasts to a smaller and manageable size. It also reduces the size of the areolas and nipples and moves them so they are symmetrical with the new size. Reach out to Brian Hwang, MD, Plastic Surgery to learn if breast reduction surgery is right for you.



What Are the Benefits of A Breast Reduction?

Although a number of individuals may look for ways to increase the shape of their breasts, for others, overly large breasts sometimes negatively affect their day-to-day lives and self-image. A breast reduction procedure in West Hills, CA at Brian Hwang, MD, Plastic Surgery provides a wide variety of benefits to renew your style and reenergize your quality of life, including:

  • Eleates and shapes the breasts

  • Makes working out and physical activities simpler

  • Reduces skin chafing

  • Enhances body proportions

  • Boosts confidence and self-image

  • Improves mobility and movement

  • Expands wardrobe options

  • Helps you obtain better sleep

  • Relieves spinal pressure

  • Corrects posture

  • Lowering the size and weight of the breasts

  • Reshapes the nipples

What to Expect from a Breast Reduction

Surgical breast reduction is an outpatient treatment conducted under general anesthesia. The duration of the surgery depends on a few factors, including the surgical technique and the size of the reduction. The areola and nipple area repositioning is also a factor. In most cases, liposuction is needed for fat and tissue removal to reduce breast size. After surgery, patients will be monitored closely in our private recovery room before they are discharged home. A thin tube for draining is usually placed near the surgical site, and you will need to wear a compression bra for several days that will increase blood circulation to the breasts during the initial healing period. Within about a month, the post-surgery effects should go away.

A New Life With Smaller Breasts

Breast reduction is a powerful, transformative approach to improving your body shape and lifestyle. There is no reason to keep experiencing the discomfort that comes with having large breasts. During your first visit to our office in West Hills, CA, Dr. Hwang will go over all of the steps to reach your desired outcome. We welcome you to call Brian Hwang, MD, Plastic Surgery to learn more about this life-changing breast reduction procedure.

Breast Reduction FAQS

How much does a breast lift cost? In your initial consultation, Dr. Hwang will pay attention to your wants and aesthetic goals before creating your unique treatment plan. Following that, he can better estimate your price. When done well, a breast lift can significantly enhance your appearance, so it is important to concentrate on having a skilled surgeon with years of training, like Dr. Hwang, rather than prices. To help make cosmetic surgery affordable, Brian Hwang, MD, Plastic Surgery will help you find low-interest financing.

Do I need a breast lift or breast implants? Whether you should have a breast lift, implants, or both depends on your specific goals. Oftentimes, a breast lift can improve the shape and fullness of the breasts without implants. Dr. Hwang will evaluate your physical condition and listen to your goals at your consultation, then decide whether you should get implants, a lift, or an augmentation with a lift.

Will my nipples be moved? Typically, the nipple-areola complex will be shifted up during the breast lift. If your areolas are overly large or stretched, Dr. Hwang can include an areola reduction in your surgery. This can be discussed during your consultation so He can decide on the ideal incision pattern and technique to use during your breast lift.

*Indicidual results are not guaranteed and may vary from person to person. Images may contains models.

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